A Healthy and Safe Environment

Therapeutic Foster Care

This service definition for therapeutic foster care in the family setting includes the following activities:

Individualized and intensive supervision and structure of daily living designed to minimize the occurrence of behaviors related to functional deficits to ensure safety during the presentation of out-of-control behaviors or to maintain an optimum level of functioning.

Specific and individualized psycho-educational and therapeutic interventions including;

1. development or maintenance of daily living skills;

2. anger management;

3. social skills;

4. family living skills;

5. communication skills;

6. stress management;

7. relationship support; or

8. comparable activity; and

9. intensive crisis or near crisis management including de-escalation interventions and occasional physical restraints.

Direct and active intervention in assisting  children (3-21) in the process of being involved in and maintaining in naturally occurring community support systems and supporting the development of personal resources (assets, protective factors, etc).



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