April is Child Abuse Prevention Month nationwide!

Written by: Serenity Henderson April 1, 2021

National Child Abuse Prevention Month raises the awareness of the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect and promotes the social and emotional well-being of children and families. To emphasize the importance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the President of the United States issues a proclamation every April and calls upon all Americans to invest in the lives of our Nation’s children by being aware of their safety and well-being and supporting efforts that promote their psychological, physical and emotional development.

During the month of April and throughout the year, communities are encouraged to take an active role in preventing child abuse and neglect and finding new ways to advocate for safe, stable, and nurturing environments that all children deserve.

Each child needs and has the right to grow up protected from misuse and disregard, and caring foster parents offer kids support and dependability when they need it most. At Family Services of America, we spend a significant amount of time in personalizing plans for all children admitted into our services to get them ready for their next transition. We cooperate with our foster parents to provide services, including therapeutic foster care, adoption and outpatient Services. Quality care and services you can trust. Contact us today on how you can become a foster parent. https://www.familiesofusa.com



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