How Do I Know if I Procrastinate Excessively? You procrastinate excessively if you agree with five or more of the following statements: 1.I often put off starting a task I find difficult 2.I often give up on a task as soon as I start to find it difficult. 3.I often wonder why I should be doing a task. 4.I often have difficulty getting started on a task. 5.I often try to do so many tasks at once that I cannot do any of them. 6.I often put off a task in which I have little or no interest. 7.I often try to come up with reasons to do something other than a task I have to do. 8.I often ignore a task when I am not certain about how to start it or complete it. 9.I often start a task but stop before completing it. 10.I often find myself thinking that if I ignore a task, it will go away. 11.I often cannot decide which of a number of tasks I should complete first. 12.I often find my mind wandering to things other that the task on which I am trying to work. ( Knowing that you procrastinate is only half the battle. Next step is to take action and develop a plan to overcome these struggles. Procrastination effects many people, but it doesn’t have to cripple you any longer.

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