We have moved!

Transition for anyone can be tough. We were forced to abruptly move office locations due to no fault of our own. We tried to make our existing circumstances work, but we all quickly realized we no longer had comfort in the place we once called home. The process was made a lot smoother when we found a commercial broker, Susan, to help us find something comparable to our needs. The first ideal location quickly fell through after realizing the relationship with the building owner may have quickly become constraining. We saw our current building before but overlooked it thinking we would find something better. Then as we were preparing to sign a new lease, I began feeling a sense of discomfort. I couldn’t call it but I knew I needed to look again. I asked my broker to let me look at our building. When I walked in I the burden of discomfort quickly went away. I knew that this was going to be the right fit for our agency. We have so much space, we can now focus on our growth strategy plan. Although moving is always an inconvenience, the inconvenience was well worth the decision to wait and find our right fit. This story reminds me so much of what our foster children experience when they are abruptly moved, but unfortunately for them they don’t get to choose or even get others to understand their discomfort they feel when they are placed in a foster home.

We have moved to a new office location at 1617 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304.

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