Valerie Wilson lives in Fayetteville, NC, and has been a foster parent with Family Services of America for over 3 years.  Her legal guardianship for her son Lawrence was finalized December 10th.  

She feels giddy and excited about having Lawrence in her home for good. He was her first foster child.  Wilson says, “I have grown such a connection with him”. So much so that her current children are asking if she’ll keep every child that she fosters. She responds with “if it’s in the cards!”

Valerie became a foster parent to provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids in her community.  She didn’t know that when Lawrence had come to her at the age of 6 from multiple disrupted foster homes that she would form a forever bond.  She was so focused on him having the best chance that she opted not to take any other long term placements while he was in her home.

She says she’s seen much growth from Lawrence who is now 9.  During her interview, she happily announced that he had just made the “A” Honor Roll while congratulating him on his grades.  She realized that she had made a good impact on him and equally him on her, so letting him go would never be an option.

She understands that there will be challenges to face as he develops into the man he will become, but she appreciates the good and knows that they have the love to help them through any challenges.  She continues to get 10 hours of annual training that increases her skill development to help her become a resilient parent.  She works with her licensing supervisor, Sonya Johsnon, to ensure she is meeting her licensing standards.

Her goals are to ensure he always has a stable home, does well in school, and grows to become a person of great success.  She understands that there will be challenges to overcome, but he belongs to her now so they will have to find ways to make life work.

Our team at Family Services of America sincerely appreciates all the hard work, patience, and compassion that Valerie has working with our agency and doing her part to make the life of someone else greater than what it was before.  People like Valerie make this world a better place.

For many information on how you can become a Foster Parent, please visit our website www.familiesofusacom.  We welcome your willingness to become a part of our team!

By:  Shannon Battle, Director

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