Causes of child abuse

Written by: Serenity Henderson April 13, 2021

Child abuse is any type of abuse or neglect that harms a child. It’s often perpetrated by a parent, caregiver, or other person who has authority in the child’s life. This includes Physical abuse: hitting, striking, or anything that causes physical harm. Sexual abuse: molesting, groping, or raping. Emotional abuse: belittling, demeaning, yelling, or withholding emotional connection. Medical abuse: denying needed medical services or creating fictional stories that put children at risk for. Neglect: withholding or failing to provide care, food, shelter, or other basic necessities. What causes theses behaviors of abuse? Parents are human just like everyone else. Although the behavior is not supported, it’s better to understand why and what are the causes to try to stop this cycle from continuing. Here are some causes.

  • history of child abuse or neglect during their own childhood
  • poor parent-child relationships
  • substance abuse
  • caring for a child with intellectual or physical disabilities that make adequate care more challenging
  • physical or mental health conditions
  • expecting children to be capable of tasks before they’re ready
  • family stress or crisis caused by domestic violence, relationship turmoil, separation, or divorce

Each child needs and has the right to grow up protected from misuse and disregard, and caring foster parents offer kids support and dependability when they need it most. At Family Services of America, we spend a significant amount of time in personalizing plans for all children admitted into our services to get them ready for their next transition. We cooperate with our foster parents to provide services, including therapeutic foster care, adoption and outpatient Services. Quality care and services you can trust. Contact us today on how you can become a foster parent. ,


Medically reviewed by Melanie Santos — Written by Kimberly Holland on December 3, 2018

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