Higher abuse risks with special needs kids

Written by: Serenity Henderson April 12, 2021

According to research, children with special educational needs are more than seven times more likely to suffer physical abuse and neglect.

Parents can more easily become stressed with the demands placed on them by parenting a child with a disability. Kids with behavior problems, like, ADHD or other conduct problems, may be more likely to experience physical abuse because parents can become frustrated by the child’s difficult behavior and respond harshly. Kids who are less able to do things independently rely more on adults for their care. These children may be more likely to be sexually abused or neglected by adults. Abusers may take advantage of kids who have problems speaking, hearing or who don’t understand social situations very well. These children may be more likely to experience sexual abuse. In other situations, some parents may feel embarrassed about their child having disabilities and may take it out on them.

None of these situations are okay or should be excused. Each child needs and has the right to grow up protected from misuse and disregard, and caring foster parents offer kids support and dependability when they need it most. At Family Services of America, we spend a significant amount of time in personalizing plans for all children admitted into our services to get them ready for their next transition. We cooperate with our foster parents to provide services, including therapeutic foster care, adoption and outpatient Services. Quality care and services you can trust. Contact us today on how you can become a foster parent. https://www.familiesofusa.com





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