What is Foster Care?

“Anybody can be a parent.” The motto of most who share a love for children, but what happens when you have no one to share your love with? What if you are done child-rearing, but have more kindness to give? The answer might sound farfetched but…

Foster Care.

This act of service is the business of housing and supporting misfortune children. The duty would be yours to nurture and provide the children stability and give them hope. The task and undertaking would prove difficult; this is not work for the faint of heart, but if you can push through… You are a hero not just unto yourself, but the child whose under your care.

This business is strict, and you are required by law and agency regulations to follow the rules. The main ability to have an open heart and capacity to adjust to is a must. There are a lot of training courses and classes one must attend. Mostly fostering is a temporary situation being both the fostering family, FSA, and the birth family work together to improve the child’s situation at large.

Family Services of America itself as an agency mainly assist in Temporary fostering and placement, a small drawback to the services offered over the course of a clients term with us from therapeutic to outpatient. Our end goal is to help in the transition thereof to a better life for the client at hand.

The action of fostering is short is an open opportunity, but a tremendous undertaking.

“Let your heart be as big as it can possibly be.”

~ Swami Chetanananda

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